Thursday, February 18, 2010

Character Animation Reel

Shot list:

  • "The Watchmaker" - 11 Second Club October 2010 Competition, 5th Place of 256 entries
    • ("Blake" rig by Jason Baskin)
  • Traditional animation assignment for Summer 2010 class at the American Animation Institute
  • "Swing" - Thesis film made at UCLA Animation Workshop, all aspects of film made by me including models, rigs, animation, lighting and rendering
  • Another assignment for AAI class, dialogue from "Willy Wonka"
  • Dialogue test using Swing rig, audio from "Airplane"

General Animation Reel

Shot list:
  • "Medal of Honor" - Hand keyed animation on goats and bird. Vehicle animation using Craft Director Studio in conjunction with traditional keys. Motion capture cleanup on goat herder and Voodoo.
  • American Animation Institute assignments - Hand-drawn animation
  • "Gun Hero" and "Tiberium" (unreleased concepts) - Hand-keyed animation on zombie and player in Maya
  • "The Unequal Race" - Modelling, rigging, textures and animation for freelance PSA
  • "Swing" - Thesis project at UCLA.
  • "Medal of Honor" - Mocap cleanup on characters and roof collapse simulation using Maya physics